Converting XLS Files to PDF

XLS is the file off shoot for Microsof company Shine which is a spreadsheet application from the Microsof company Office suite. You’ll want Microsof company Shine Person installed on your computer to view XLS or XLSX files. PDF is a portable document format. You will need a special person such as the open source Adobe Reader to view such files. The program is so popular that it can be found practically on all computers nowadays.

Changing files from XLS to PDF is done so that there is no need to have Microsof company Shine Person installed. Another major benefit from changing the Shine file to PDF is that the XLS document is fairly easy to change (when it is not security password protected) than the PDF document. The probability of messing up the things are higher. So, the overall advantages of changing XLS to PDF are the following:
It gives portability and it is suitable for documents which need to be sent for printing or reviewing.

  1. It is widely used. Adobe Reader — a document person — is used to open files.
  2. Editing is more difficult in PDF. Files require advanced tools for editing, so you can pretty much rest assured that the document will not be altered mistakenly during transit.
  3. PDF files are smaller in size. The excuse is that they don’t include formulae like Shine does.
  4. Quality of printing is better in PDF. Files multiply the original document in its exact form.

You need two things on your computer to convert Shine to PDF a PDF converter also called as PDF printer driver and Microsof company Shine. PDF printer driver acts as a virtual printer, and once you hit “send”, the XLS document is transformed into PDF rather than actually printing the document in writing.

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