Looking for Dean jerrod Your home Based Business.

So you’re trying to find a Christian business opportunity working at home? Well, I’ve got great news. But let me add a word of warning. There are also many business opportunities out there, especially Internet-based business opportunities, which promise to be based on Christian principles, but aren’t.

So how do you know when you have discovered the real thing?

There are numerous things that you need to learn about a business opportunity before you decide to sink some hard-earned cash into it. And so, I began narrowing my search and started looking for very specific things that will help me focus on a true Christian home-based business.

Here are my tips for finding the right Christian business opportunity for you.

Begin your search with prayer: Do what Solomon did. The Lord gave Solomon the option of being grated anything he asked. As opposed to ask for riches and wealth Solomon asked for wisdom. As a consequence of being blessed with intellect Solomon gained greater prosperity and fame than any man alive. Wisdom is crucial in being able to observe the directions the Lord may be pointing you as you look for a home-based business – particularly one based on Christian values and principles.

Find out who’s the Captain of the boat: lots of home-based business opportunities are based around someone who holds themselves up as an example of excellent entrepreneurial and financial success. But, I did not wish to hear from a person who took all the glory for their own success, I wanted to find somebody who attained success by making Jesus Christ that the Captain of their boat. Josh rathour I wanted to find someone who gives them credit for their success to the Lord.

Listen to hear if they talk of God, or just do a lot of God-talk: ” There is a massive difference between people who talk of God and the successes they’ve achieved from the Lord blessing their home-based business venture, versus people who just do a lot of God-talk. Each unbeliever knows how to do a lot of God-talk – simply throwing from the words God and Jesus in their own presentations. But people who are truly living Christ-centered lives like sharing their faith with others in the course of conducting business. The CEO and founder of this home-based business I had been involved with made a statement in a video that really grabbed my attention. In essence, he said we do a lot of speaking about the Lord here, so if this offends you then you need to appear elsewhere for a business opportunity. Wow! I loved his candor.

Find out how many different Christians are in this business: An authentic Christian home-based business opportunity is going to be filled with other Christians exactly like you. In fact, when I contacted the creator and CEO of the business and told him I was at the ministry he instantly put me in contact with a man who would become my Christian mentor in creating my own home-based business enterprise by means of this organization’s program. I’ve since met other believers who are prospering from the Lord’s blessings.

Examine the goods and the app: Home-based businesses that generate the most gains are the ones which offer substantial commissions or overrides on products sold or from others you bring in the business. Products in the reduced price range may be simpler for people to afford, but it requires selling a ton of them to make any good cash flow. Big-ticket or moderately priced ticket things are a lot more rewarding in generating prosperity. Also, find a business opportunity that does not force you to pass your first a couple of prospects for your up-line? One-up or two-up programs have limited success. Anyway, if the Lord led those initial a couple of people to you, why wouldn’t he want you to continue being their mentor?

Look for a servant’s heart: People who have successful Christian home-based businesses have servant’s hearts. They know their lives have been blessed by the Lord and they want to be a spring of blessing to other people. They also know the earthly and eternal rewards which come from being a true slave to others. Therefore, look for a home-based business where you will be nurtured and mentored by people whose desire is to serve others as they’ve been served.

I guess I’ve narrowed the field down quite a bit, have not I? I surely hope so, because that has been my intention. It took me a time to find the best one for me and that I truly feel blessed in every way. Let the Lord do the leading. Make a Solomon and Request wisdom.

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