Switzerland is always top in international rankings when it’s all about innovation. But when it comes to the question in which city / country you should establish your startup due to the best conditions, in 2015 Switzerland is not among the TOP-20-Locations in the world.

The quality and diversity of the Swiss startup ecosystem is currently not reflected correctly – and that’s what the marketing platform “Swiss Startup Summit” will change!


Idea / Vision

The “Swiss Startup Summit” is a campaign / roadshow of 5 months in the Swiss startup ecosystem, which includes all key players on a national level.

The campaign is produced especially in events and via digital media.

Included in the multi-event concept are cantonal economic promoters / location marketers, startup incubators, universities / colleges, technology centers, investors, media, corporates / companies, services – and startups.

The campaign is developed nationally, globally marketed (digital) and culminates as highlight on the 22nd September 2016 in the Swiss Startup Summit, a multi-event-day-happening where the entire startup ecosystem meets in a multilingual region under one roof.

Goal and purpose is networking, the approach of business and relationships, as well as promoting the economic location of Switzerland – nationally and beyond borders!

The Swiss Startup Summit is a integrated and political neutral platform, which provides a stage for all participants in the Swiss startup ecosystem to present their topics to a broad public.